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My primary goal is to ensure each student reaches his or her highest potential throughout our school year together. I believe it's a teacher's mission to facilitate growth by creating engaging lessons without forgetting the numerous factors that play into students' lives. This means that we'll not only learn math, we'll tie concepts to world issues, practice perseverance, and laugh. 

Over the years, parents and other community members have asked for ways to help enrich our classroom. To this end, I've created an Amazon Wish List for those who wish to contribute extra supplies and other items. Please click on the image to view the list. 

Math Programs 


Currently, the standard math class is using Big Ideas as its primary math program - you can access the book here. We will follow Chapter 5 in this book starting January 14, 2019.

big ideas.jpg

The accelerated math class will use Big Ideas as its math program - you can access the book here. We will also utilize other resources such as various books, web pages, videos, etc. to enhance and differentiate our math learning.

Extra Help & Private Tutoring

I will be available for extra help after school until 3pm two days each week.  Late buses are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays this year.  Students should come to after-school help prepared and ready to work.


Math Tutoring Available at Tufts

Are you looking for a math tutor? The Tufts Literacy Corps math tutors are bright, capable college students who love kids AND math, and are available to work with middle school students on the Tufts campus. TLC tutoring is free of charge and the tutors are committed to working with your children from October through April. For more information and a registration form, please go to the Tufts Literacy Corps website at:  https://sites.tufts.edu/tuftsliteracycorps/ OR contact Dr. Cynthia Krug at Cynthia.Krug@tufts.edu. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! – The TLC Middle School Math Team

What You Can Do At Home

Here are a few things you could do to help your child succeed this year:
1. Encourage hard work and effort over speed and percentage points.
2. Check SchoolBrains grades every so often.
3. Check homework completion or, even better,  work through it together.
4. Avoid saying, "I wasn't good at math."
5. Email me at cvila@medford.k12.ma.us if there is ever a question or concern.


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